Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Why Lemon Balm is the Bomb

Danielle Zies
Nutritionist and Stress Coach

Hi Happiness Blog readers!

I want you to meet Melissa, Melissa Officinalis. She’s super chill, I think you’ll like knowing her!

Melissa also goes by the name of Lemon Balm and she is a herb of many talents.   

Lemon balm is a common plant found in herb gardens all over the world. She is a member of the mint family with a light lemon scent.  As you might imagine, the combination of mint and lemon makes for a really nice tasting tea, and as it is so, lemon balm has been used in teas and in the culinary world for a very long time.

Melissa is filled with healthful antioxidants and is a natural anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. However, she has one special talent that really stands out- she is acknowledged by the scientific world for their ability to promote calm feelings!  

The special Cyracos® lemon balm blend found in Veeva’s Stress Formula is quite unique. It focuses on preserving all of the active components of the lemon balm aerial parts (like eating whole foods versus isolated nutrients, sometimes they just work more synergistically in their whole form) and focuses on providing a dosage that has been proven to be effective in clinical studies.

In fact,  in one study- after just 2 weeks of supplementing Cyracos® lemon balm, subjects experienced almost 20% reduction in anxiety, a 15% reduction of stress associated symptoms and a 42% reduction of sleep disturbances and insomnia.  So awesome.   

When combined in a complete stress formula like the one Veeva has created, you have a pretty powerful arsenal of support on your side when you need it.   

Now that you know Melissa, I encourage you to add her to your herb garden so you will always have her available for a nice relaxing tea anytime you need.   

*For more information on Cyracos® Lemon Balm and the associated clinical studies, click here.

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