Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Ellie Steele, RHN
ACEP Certified EFT Practitioner

Everyone says “let it go” and we generally WANT to let stuff go but when negative emotions like pain, hurt, anger or fear are involved it’s EXTREMELY difficult to simply make a conscious choice to not feel it anymore.

There are three things we can do with a tough emotion:

  1. Repress it
  2. Express it
  3. Release it

Most of us do a combination of repression and expression, and we often fool ourselves into thinking that repression is releasing but it’s not the same at all!

The next time you’re feeling stressed or upset, ask yourself what you’re really feeling.  Own your rage, your pain, your hurt, your rejection, your humiliation. It’s helpful to let the part of your brain that’s trained to avoid hard feelings see that a feeling is simply a sensation and it poses no real danger to you.

Then ask yourself these three magic questions;

  1. Could I let this feeling go? In other words, is it possible for me to let it go? Yes or no?
  2. Would I let this feeling go? In other words, do I want to let this feeling go? Yes or no?
  3. When would or could I let it go? So, regardless of your answers to the previous questions, what you’re saying here is, “if I could and I would let it go, would now be a good time?”  The answer to that question is always “now”.
Try that practice for a while and you may just begin releasing negative feelings in the moment!

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