Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Sandra Chabot Weber
Holistic Nutritionist, Writer, Speaker 

Every single time someone walks into my home they comment on how incredibly fresh it smells.

That’s because I’ve tapped into the power of essential oils. They’re a part of my daily life and play a huge role in helping me to keep my stress and anxiety in check.

Keeping a happy environment is an important part of how I stay grounded. Here are some simple ways you can begin to incorporate essential oils into your life.  

1. Spray Bottle Mix

The secret to getting my home feeling and smelling SO clean is thanks to my essential oil spray bottle. It contains my absolute favourite Sleep Blend by Veeva, baking soda, and filtered water. Whenever my place needs a little refresher, I spritz my concoction generously. It helps to freshen up the space and set the vibe.

2. Essential Oil Bath

Adding an essential oil blend to your bath is both calming and invigorating. I highly recommend Veeva’s Stress Blend for this. It uplifts the body and calms the mind providing a superb setting for ultimate relaxation.

3. Body Massage

I like to add a couple of drops of my Veeva Anxiety Blend to coconut oil and use that as a base for a luxurious body massage. Of course this works best if you have a special someone to give you the massage. Otherwise I like to self-apply the oil on my chest, neck, and arms to keep me feeling refreshed all day long. Also works well when applied before bed to quiet a hyperactive mind.

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