Thursday, March 12, 2015

Exercise and Stress Management

Ellie Steele, RHN
ACEP Certified EFT Practitioner
Certified Sports Nutrition Adviser

As a health coach with training in a number of different interventions from holistic nutrition to exercise training to body-mind energy medicine techniques like EFT, I’m a huge believer in using a multifaceted approach in all of my coaching work with clients.

One of the mistakes I often see people make is relying too heavily on one area of stress management and ignoring the others.

For example, if your approach to stress management is to run 10K a day at the expense of flexibility work, strength training, supportive nutrition and personal growth work you are likely creating more stress than you’re relieving!   

I know that a 10K run can make the world seem like a completely different place, but chronic cardio can push us into depression and chronic fatigue, possibly cause hypothyrodism and cause chronically high levels of the stress hormone cortisol which can be responsible for digestive problems, sleep issues, weight gain and loss of memory.

Using exercise as part of a stress management protocol is an important piece that shouldn’t be ignored, but I encourage my clients to take a step back and make sure their exercise routine is truly reducing their stress and not adding to it by avoiding chronic cardio and incorporating strength work, walking or other lower intensity cardio and sort sessions of sprint work along with flexibility training. 

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