Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Your Subconscious Mind Is In a Darkroom

Your subconscious is your great darkroom. It’s the secret place where your outer life and happiness develop.

Your name, your manner of dress, your manners, your neighborhood, and the car you drive are not what make you what and who you are. You are beliefs taking shape, image by image. Light and shadow there in your darkroom.

For example, if you believe that sitting in front of a fan will give you a stiff neck, your subconscious mind will ensure that you get a stiff neck. It is not the action of the fan ( representing innocuous molecules of energy oscillating at high frequency) that causes your discomfort. It’s your original belief. Of course, the fan itself is harmless.

In order for your world to change, you have to change your mind … from the inside out.

Where do you think miraculous healing power comes from? From the same subconscious mind. If you fill your dark room with great truths, your outer world will reflect them.
Your mind will accept these truths and you’ll be under a subconscious compulsion to heal, to be peaceful and happy.

Along with healing, your subconscious darkroom is where your wealth is produced.The key is to first make the subconscious rich before you can see ABUNDANCE in your life and ultimately inner HAPPINESS!!!!

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