Friday, January 3, 2014

VaVaVa Voom

Sex, Sexy, Sexiest

Now that I have your attention…

Exotic masterfully blended essential oils set the mood.

You already know that sex is a great tension reliever. The benefits of sex are numerous, and most of them work very well for relieving stress.

Add to the ambiance and set the mood for your next rendez vous with aromatherapy and fill a diffuser with Veeva stress blend, 100% pure essential oils. Sensual, woodsy, earthy and grounded. This is the perfect blend to reduce stress and improve mood.

Why not take your romance to the next level…adding a few drops of Veeva essential oils to a bubble bath, not only sets the tone it calms the mind and improves mood. Light some candles, sit back and relax and enjoy.

And now for the “pièce de résistance”. For the pleasure of the senses enjoy Veeva Roll-ons. They are made with coconut jojoba and pure essential oils, are easily absorbed into the skin. Try them on the temples, best rolled onto the inner arm, solar plexus, alongside the spine, and the soles of the feet. The therapeutic synergies are directly absorbed into the blood stream.

The pure essential oils are active the first 20 minutes in the bloodstream, and they just might VaVaVa Voom you and your partner into a glorious therapeutic synergy!

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