Friday, January 17, 2014

Meeting #9 - Time to get your meditation on

Sara has been consistently using her mindfulness tools since meeting with Greg. She is slowly seeing real changes in how she feels – calmer – the anxiety has softened. She is waiting for her next session with Greg.

He comes out to greet her. As they enter his office, he asks her: “Have you ever meditated, Sara?” She finds herself recoiling and thinks “uh oh.” But she responds “no” with a bit of hesitation in her voice. Greg chuckles and starts to explain to her what meditation is and how it is no longer a practice reserved for monks living in mountains. There is a large body of research showing the significant benefits both to the physical body and mental state.

For starters, let’s try something simple. Let’s get into a comfortable seated position, whatever that it is for you. Use props and pillows if you want. If you are in a chair make sure your feet are on the ground. Put your hands gently in your lap. Close your eyes.

Breathe. Focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. Feel your lungs filling up and collapsing. Feel the breath on your nostrils, your chest, and your belly. Rise and fall. Filling and emptying. Feel what happens in the rest of your body. Count on the inhale, count on the exhale. And continue.

Your mind will wander. It’s okay. Just bring it back to your focus point – in this case your breath.

For more information on how to meditate:

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