Thursday, January 30, 2014

Don't wait to have fun, have some fun everyday!

Sometimes inspiration and clarity can strike you at the oddest times.

I had to do a bunch of errands one day, and I took my Kobo with me. By the end of the day I got so absorbed in a fictional story that I sat in my van in a parking lot not able to stop. When I finally did and realized I had been sitting for quite awhile, I thought "Gee, I like to read and I am really enjoying this book. Why don't I read more?"

Good question! So I sat there and asked myself again. And this tiny inner voice replied: "Because usually you won't let yourself relax and do what you enjoy. You often wait to enjoy yourself."

Guilty as charged! Everyone falls victim to this. We wait for the "right" moments to have fun and waste precious time and energy that we could devote to doing something we enjoy. We also keep ourselves too busy, pressuring ourselves to "get it all done" and of course, we feel like we never do. 

Jon Kabit Zinn says "We should rename our species as human doings, because we are really into doing" (Mindfullness for Beginners).

Granted, life happens and you can't have fun all the time. But this little moment made me realize that you have to take charge of your enjoyment and make sure you make room for the things that you enjoy in your everyday life. Not just holidays or special occasions. 

Taking time every day to do things that you enjoy like hobbies, exercising or socializing is HEALTHY. Consider it Vitamin F, as in Vitamin FUN! Make sure you get a dose of Vitamin Fun everyday.

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