Saturday, January 4, 2014

Be Your Own Star

It’s all so mundane now. You know, what shoes they’re wearing. ‘Look, stars pick up dog poop!’ Whatever those magazines are, they’ve so dumbed our country. And I think what people are doing is missing out on their lives by tuning into this fake celebrity s---. Chris Noth, Actor

Today is the first day of 2014. I hope you will make it the Happiest Year ever and BECOME YOUR OWN STAR! The quote above by Chris Noth, or “Mr. Big” from SATC, really inspired me a few years ago, when I first read it. I started to think how much we pay attention, as a collective, to the lives of other people, thinking that they are better, more fun, or more interesting then ourselves. 

But why care about what celebrities eat for lunch or what they wear? Just make sure that your lunch is healthy and nutritious and that you feel great when you step out of the house. Work on letting go of negative thoughts, judgement, pain and un-forgiveness in your heart, and replacing it with self love, self respect, ability to see the best and the beauty in yourself and others.

Be curious and excited about your own life and make 2014 fun and tabloid worthy!

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