Saturday, January 11, 2014

Always Start Fresh

In honour of the new year I wanted to talk about taking a fresh start. According to research over 40% of people make New Years resolutions. Resolutions are a lovely idea, but research also shows that up to 80% of us who make them don't keep them. I think partly because we set too high of expectations on ourselves, particularly for those of us dealing with chronic pain/illness. 

It is a nice thought to want finish a marathon, but this most likely isn't going to happen for me. It's better to set realistic goals. The fresh start I am talking about can happen anytime, any day. And it should happen everyday

My Reiki teacher taught me that we tend to carry our problems around with us by the hand. It becomes part of our identity. Chronic pain and illness are especially easy to carry with you all day because they are always there. But this is where the fresh start comes in. It's good practice to start every day anew, and assess how and where you are from that moment rather than carrying the pain from yesterday into today.

For you, today might just be a little bit better than yesterday and if you don't take the effort to see that you can miss it. To put it another way: "Would you really dig into yesterday's garbage to make tonight's meal? Do you dig into old mental garbage to create tomorrow's experiences?" (You Can Heal Your Life, pg. 42). 

I think that says it all! Take each a fresh approach to each day, no matter what your circumstances are. Happy New Year!

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