Saturday, January 11, 2014

Alleviating the Pressure in 2014

It’s that time again ... Time to get a gym membership and start a fad diet. Don’t forget to begin calorie counting, cutting out carbs, switching to gluten free, only eating organic, taking out the old yoga mat, dusting off those books you’ve been putting off, starting a new cleaning routine, and … breathe … don’t forget to breathe. Breathing is important.

To everyone the new year feels like a fresh start, but in reality it isn’t. January 1st is just like any other first of any other month, it really only gives the illusion of successful change. People become too focused on being “the best me I can be” which mostly sets them up for failure from the start rather than serving as motivation.

So in my efforts to be successful in seeing real change and growth in my life for 2014 I am starting off small. I am not going to pick apart every bad habit. Instead, I have thought of a larger effort to work towards. I have chosen “Right Action” (referencing Buddhism’s Eightfold Path).

I am going to put my ideas and goals into motion, one at a time. I’m starting off 2014 by thinking of others instead of focusing on myself. I am going to begin volunteering with an Ottawa based non-profit organization called Partners for Mental Health starting with their Right By You campaign aimed at suicide prevention.

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