Sunday, January 19, 2014

7 simple ways to spruce up your closet

SOS ~ Save Ourselves Stress and call a friend to help you with this seasons closet makeover.

Or better yet, turn it into an event. “Clothing Swaps” are the newest rage. Do you have a few items that may be gently worn, no longer fit, or weren’t quite right after you got them home and are now taking up more than their share of closet space.

1. Invite ~ some friends over. And suggest they bring a few items for a “closet makeover swap”. Accessories are a wonderful addition since it doesn’t matter what size you or your friends wear, scarves, handbags, and jewellery fit everyone.

2. Swap ~ everyone choose a few items to try on.

3. Fun ~ Crank up the tunes and have some fun, a fashion show, get everyone involved, The Bangles: Walk like an Egyptian, Show off your Moves like Jagger” by Maroon 5 and by Cake: Short skirt and a long jacket. And for the finally I’m too sexy for my shirt by Right Said Fred.

4. Diffuse ~ Pick up a Terra Cotta Aromatherapy Diffuser. This pure essential oil diffuser is a must have for the closet. Just imagine how wonderful it’s going to be opening your closet doors to be met by a lovely clean aroma of … Veeva Essential Oils in your favourite masterfully blended scents.

5. Celebrate ~ Congratulations on the great job you did! Well done organizing the closet. Everyone appreciates “new to me” clothing and accessories.

6. Relax ~ Sit back relax, enjoy your closet makeover and stress free mornings with all the new outfits you’ve paired up.

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