Friday, December 20, 2013

Set The Mood For Your Next Dinner Party

Having a few friends over for dinner can be a great way to unwind, chill, and relax while enjoying some great food and wonderful conversation.

Setting the mood for your next dinner party can be as important as choosing the menu.

When your dinner guests arrive you’ll want your home to be warm and inviting. A fresh scent will capture their senses and start those creative juices flowing!

If you’re like me your front hall closet contains sport shoes, sandals, work shoes and everything in between. Solution? Take their coats and hang them in your Veeva scented closet. Hang a terra cotta diffuser filled with a few drops of Veeva essential oil.

Have a diffuser or candles lit to create ambiance and enhance mood, your guests will appreciate the effort.  

Serve a great drink special & mocktail for those designated drivers. Have water infused with lemons and oranges available too, it is a wonderful way to quench their thirst.

A warm appetizer? Fresh medjool dates wrapped in bacon! Bake 400 degrees F for 5mins turn and bake for another 5mins until bacon is crispy, It's super easy and a crowd favorite. How about cucumber slices with herbed goat cheese and julienned fresh red peppers. Fresh parsley as garnish also freshens breathe. Spears are easy finger food, wooden skewers with a cherry tomato, a sprig of fresh basil leaf, bocconcini cheese ball, drizzled with a reduction of balsamic vinegar and voilĂ  you are off to the races.

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