Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sacred Frankincense

Frankincense or Boswellia cateri has been carried through time on a journey of sacred and holy resins. Brought to the holy child at birth, this resin carries the qualities of masculinity, protection, and life. Aromatic burning brings forth contemplation and deep meditation with the over whelming ability to assist in the deep connection to one's divine spirit. Frankincense is used for devotional cleansing and purification. It also promotes a change in perception, clarity and the opening of the sixth chakra, connecting us to the truth and intuitive self. 

This essence connects us not only to our higher consciousness, it connects us to the heart as well, opening us up to unconditional love and further uniting us with our divine happiness.

It is a great reminder for us to practice deep meditation and to maintain that connection to our divine consciousness, for it there that we experience and allow for complete happiness. We often forget in our busy lives, the essence of happiness, and the connection to our true self. May your season be a blessed one, of love and cheer.

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