Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meeting #7 – The world is not out to get you, really.

Sara comes to the weekly meeting feeling refreshed. She tells Greg she has been practicing mindfulness throughout her day. She paid special attention this past week to the mind traps and noticed when her inner critic was getting loud and obnoxious. She did a quick reframing asking herself some key questions and did some mindful breathing. Before she knew it the time had past.

As they talked about mind traps, Greg mentioned the third type: negative interpretations. How do you interpret an event? Are you the victim? Is everyone against you? Is it all negative? When you constantly interpret life’s events as negative, this is simply another mind trap.

Greg asks Sara about her past relationships. She mentions that she doesn’t date very much anymore. It always seems they lose interest quickly. Greg asks: have you ever done this? You are interested in someone and you go out on a couple of dates. You think everything is going great. You call and leave a message for the person but don’t hear back from them for a couple of days. And you start to think that things maybe weren’t going wonderfully. Maybe they really don’t like you. And the downward spiral continues. You don’t take the call when they do phone or you do but are distant.

Of course in the scenario it could have been just as likely they were busy with work, away on a business trip, or something else in life came up. And your acting distant is what ended up driving a wedge in the relationship.

This week consider how you interpret experiences in your life. Is there a way you can think of it in a positive way or to just allow it to be without judging it as good or bad?

“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.” Thich Nhat Hanh 

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