Sunday, December 29, 2013

Learning From Our Customers

At this time, I reflect on 2013 and ask myself, what have we learned this year? 

In the development of products; research on ingredients; manufacturing technologies; and drafting of educational and promotional materials, we learn a LOT. But I have to say, the most exciting stuff (and certainly the most important stuff) comes from our customers.

By email, people tell us about their experiences with Veeva. Some share their very serious health and mental health challenges as well as the results they've had with Veeva. This is extraordinarily gratifying and makes the sometimes ridiculous hours we invest seem like nothing at all. 

Some tell us about unexpected benefits like increased libido. Alrighty then! We get literally hundreds of emails and we reply to all of them so please keep it coming. 

In a recent seminar, one person pulled me off to the side as I was packing up. She wanted to know how old I am and to get a sense of how long Veeva will be around because she plans on using our products her whole life. This lady drives a school bus full of teenagers. She says a cheerful hello to every single one of them as they enter her bus. How cool is that! But her responsibility is safety for these young folks, so she uses Veeva to keep herself  focussed and free of stress. That one was fun!

At the end of this year, I want to thank our customers. Thank you for joining us in this experiment in Cultivating Happiness and for sharing the joy.

We have exciting plans for 2014. Let's make it an especially HAPPY new year!

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