Monday, December 23, 2013

Hunger for Breath

With so much time spent on thinking about changing how our diet affects us, very little attention tends to be given to the most important “food” our bodies require for life: the air we breathe!

In the process of conscious breathing, we take in the nourishment of oxygen and release ourselves from our physical, mental, and emotional burdens. Oxygen literally energizes our cells. Exhaling, on the other hand, removes carbon dioxide, balancing body acidity and allowing for the removal of toxicity built up in the system. In other words, breathing in and out maintains balance.

It's easy to tell when our bodies are low in food – we get hungry. But being starved of air is generally a chronic condition that we don't readily recognize. When we don’t take in enough air by inhaling deeply enough, we decrease the amount of  “food” delivered by our breath, reducing our ability to produce energy.

Try conscious breathing for a few minutes every day. Sit quietly and breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth, engaging the diaphragm and trying to remain focused on body. Just this step will have profound effects on your state of awareness and reaction to stress throughout the rest of your day, especially with regular practice.

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