Saturday, December 28, 2013

Great Grapefruit

The new year brings an opportunity for cleansing and rejuvenation! An ideal essential oil is that of Grapefruit or citrus paradisi. This light, tangy oil refreshes and lightens the mind, providing a mental cleaning! It is awesome for stimulating self esteem and self worth, especially after a month of indulgence! Be kind to your body, inhale some grapefruit to reconnect you to your mind in a fresh way. 

This oil is also awesome for the physical body. Mix some grapefruit, lemon and clary sage (about 10 drops each) in a 60 ml of carrier oil or base cream and apply to liver area to stimulate and enhance detoxification. 

Grapefruit is an ideal oil for digestive problems, weight issues and/or cellulite, water retention, depression. Do exercise caution with topical use as it is phototoxic if you are planning to be in the sun!

I consider grapefruit to be an ideal "happy" scent to welcome the new year with a clean, fresh introduction. Happy for the mind, body and spirit!

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