Sunday, January 12, 2014

Do you have a FEAR of HUNGER?

Did you know that there are parts of our brains that are still wired like cavemen? We are hard-wired to pleasure-seek and pain-avoid and those basic instincts often take over more evolved pursuits; like trying to eat a healthy diet.

That caveman instinct can often show up as fear or anxiety about being hungry.  From a survival instinct perspective, being hungry has historically been a pretty scary situation for human beings.  It’s wired right into our brains to avoid that sensation of hunger.  That can lead to an undercurrent of anxiety about being hungry that you may not even be consciously aware of.  If you won’t leave the house without food in your purse or briefcase, “just in case”, or you make sure to eat before you get hungry, you may be a victim of survival instinct programming.

The truth is, in our day and age, a fear of hunger is pretty silly.  We can ALWAYS get food now.  Reading these words and paying attention to your own emotions about being hungry is the key to letting that old programming go.  If there’s an undercurrent of fear about being hungry, chances are you’re taking in more food than your body actually needs. See if you can let yourself get really hungry before your next meal and be curious about your emotions. 

Do you get anxious, angry or edgy?  See if you can breathe through it and start re-wiring your brain. 

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