Friday, December 6, 2013

Be Brave

You’ve been invited to party or a dinner with friends and there you stand, flipping angrily through your closet ... four rejected outfits already scattered about the bedroom floor because they couldn’t hide the bumps and lumps that you just can’t let the world see.
You sit dejectedly on the bed, probably with a tear running down your cheek saying to yourself “I don’t want to go!”  The problem is you DO want to go, you just don’t want to be judged.  You don’t want people to see how “fat” you are.  You’ll be embarrassed, ashamed and you convince yourself that you won’t have a good time anyway.    So, you do what every good little fat-girl would do, you call and make up an excuse as to why you can’t come.  I get it.  I was that good little fat girl too.

But you know what?  Being fat and miserable is worse than being fat and happy.  I promise you, if you go to the party you won’t agonize about your body ALL night.  Sure it will cross your mind from time to time, but you’ll probably also have some opportunities to laugh and connect with people and LIVE!

If you want to open yourself to the magic of this world, you have to get out there.  You never know who you’ll meet or where life will take you when you make yourself available.

Need a little full-body inspiration?  Check out this video and BE BRAVE!

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