Monday, November 4, 2013

Understanding Brain Waves

There are four distinct types of brain waves that are determined by the different speeds at which electrical signals are transmitted in the nervous system. These different brain waves influence our emotional state depending on the abundance or absence of particular combinations of neurotransmitters.

Beta waves are the fastest and are associated with our awareness when we are most alert. The next stage of consciousness is measured by alpha waves which occur when eyes are closed and the mind is relaxed. These types of waves are present during meditation and are considered by many to link human being with spiritual states. Theta and delta waves are those associated with unconsciousness and sleep. They lead to REM sleep, our dreaming center. 

Ensuring you get deep, restful sleep will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for your day, preparing you for higher functioning without agitation. Strengthening your alpha waves through means of meditation, yoga, or colour therapy can increase mindfulness, a characteristic that can contribute to a more empathetic perspective towards others.

These effects can translate into many other health benefits such as decreased anxiety and depression, coping with stress, strengthened immune system, and overall improvement in general health.

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