Monday, November 11, 2013

The Fourth Universal Law of Happiness

Be a happiness magnet!

A famous yoga, Master Yogi Bhajan once said: "Let things come to you. What comes to you will make you happy. What you go after shall make you miserable.”

This is a perfect way to summarize the Universal Law of Happiness # 4: Allow things to come to you.

For this to happen you have to do take two simple steps. First: decide what you want. Write it down and be very clear in your vision. Next: realize that you are worthy of receiving everything that you want and need. You will be surprised how, once internal resistance is gone, the Universe delivers your desires to you at the most perfect time, shape and form.

When your electromagnetic field becomes strong and powerful, you will attract things into your life with ease and grace; you won’t need to push hard for things to happen, as you will become a walking magnet for miracles and possibilities. People will want to talk to you, be around you, become your friend, client, love partner, etc.

There are many powerful tools that can help you to develop a strong electromagnetic field, like meditation, breath work, working with mantra, positive affirmations, sun energy and more. Eating healthy whole foods that strengthen your body and energy levels, drinking a lot of water, plus taking high quality supplements are all important elements in your development of personal magnetism.

A happy life is where good things just seem to “happen” to you.

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