Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hostess Gift Ideas – Lasting impression

Have you ever wanted to leave a lasting impression after a great dinner or get-together? Choosing the right hostess gift for someone you know well or a new acquaintance is easy with Veeva essential oils.

For an anxiety-free hostess gift experience choose pure essential oils blended with a perfect combination of Ylang Ylang (aids heart palpitations, slows breathing and is very calming); Frankincense (calming and grounding, it slows & deepens shallow breathing associate with anxiety); Geranium (stimulates the adrenal cortex & relieves nervous tension); and Vetier (used for emotional grounding and stabilizing emotions). 

Wrap them up! The wrapping is most definitely part of any great hostess gift. Choose a beautiful tea towel instead of paper. Useable, practical and you have left a lasting impression. A few drops of Veeva 100% Essential Oil blends and your hostess can infuse his or her home, office or cottage long after the soiree is over.

Voila! You’ve left a great lasting impression.

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