Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happiness Word Contest

Veeva recently participated in a natural products trade show in Toronto. During this show, we put together a Happiness Oasis for our guests. It was a conference room, but instead of tables and chairs, we had couches, massage, fresh water with fruit/herbs, art, music and more. 

One of the activities in that room was picking your Happiness Word, which we then used to create a canvas of happy words. The idea was to find ONE word that represents happiness to YOU. We had so many great words, and we got to hear the stories behind each of them. Mine is "Grandchildren", hands down.

My personal favourite was from Julie Parizeau from Kardish Health Centres in Ottawa. Julie's word was Kindness. A beautiful word from a beautiful person. Thanks Julie for this most-inspiring word. 

Now it's YOUR turn.

Tell Veeva about what word represents Happiness to YOU, and why. While you're at it, enter our contest to win a $50 Visa Gift Card. Fun!

Click here for the details:!oasis/c1o1e

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