Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Feeding Your Pain Some Happiness (Part One)

Part of my job is helping educate people on supplements and dietary options for achieving optimal health. I recently hosted a seminar about diet and supplements for chronic pain. Of course, you should always consider your own situation and consult with the right professionals. No one solution is suitable for every person, but here is some food for thought (pun completely intended).

A big issue is appetite loss. My remedy is making healthy smoothies jammed-packed with protein, veggies, fruit and vitamin/minerals. No matter how I am feeling, I can always drink a smoothie. I often use hemp, chia, sprouted flax and a "greens" blend. It can be fun challenging yourself to see what you can sneak into it. With a blend of frozen berries it always looks and tastes great.

Sometimes, due to medication side effects, people have the opposite challenges of blood sugar complications, sugar cravings and weight gain. In these cases, smoothies are still a handy way to have a healthy meal on the go. Trying to skip meals to lose or maintain weight doesn't work. And worse, it puts more strain on a body already under strain due to pain/illness.

Everyone faces being surrounded by food, yet still lacking important nutrients. Processed foods are convenient, but you pay a big price for them: empty calories and health issues. It has been my experience, and for many chronic pain patients I have met, that it's best to eat clean and green. Strive to eat local, in season, and whenever possible, organic. Focus on veggies and lean proteins as the main part of your diet. And stay well hydrated! This can help you feel better in so many ways.

Nutrition should always be the first start for managing chronic pain/illness. Give your body what it needs and make it happy!

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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