Saturday, November 30, 2013

Feeding Your Pain Some Happiness (Part Two)

In my previous post, I stressed the importance of eating right. I want to emphasize the importance of getting enough protein, because people often don't get enough. I am frequently told by people on the job that they only eat protein at dinnertime.

But what does this have to do with happiness? First, I am going by the principal that you are what you eat. Eat well and your body will be happy. But, secondly, I stumbled across an interesting fact while researching for a recent seminar. "If you are lacking in amino acids, you are prone to feeling depressed, angry, and to suffer with anxiety" (Julia Ross, the Mood Cure, pg. 7). I think this speaks volumes on insuffiicient diets and how we can address our level of happiness by making better dietary choices. For both body and mind!

Also discussed was food allergies, particularly wheat and dairy. More evidence is linking food allergies to poor health all the time, particularily with inflammation-related diseases. I myself had amazing results when my chronic pain specialist recommended to eliminate wheat. We found that I did indeed have a mild wheat allergy, and eliminating wheat has significantly decreased inflammation levels. 

Many discount wheat elimination, but the evidence is in the blood work! 

Once again, I want to stress that everyone consider their own needs and discuss their options with health care professionals. If you decide to change your diet, you should work with a specialist who has experience with food allergies like a naturopathic doctor and/or holistic nutritionist.

The final subject of my seminar was dietary supplements to support proper diet and living well with chronic pain. 

Stand by for part 3 to learn more!

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