Saturday, November 30, 2013


When people say they are HOOKED on someone or something in a negative way, or are identifying with an object or possession, they are unconsciously conducting an intuitive diagnosis. They are identifying how they are loosing POWER. I call such people acquisitioners.

The most extreme type of acquisitioner is the addict. Regardless of the addiction, their energy circuits are so thoroughly connected to the target that they no longer have the use of their own reasoning ability.

Since healing is non-negotiable, acqisitioners find healing a more formidable challenge than people who have a sense of ACTIVE power.

HEALING IS A SOLO TASK. No one can heal on behalf of another person. We can assist others, to be sure, but no one can for instance forgive someone on behalf of another.Nor can any one of us cause someone to release the painful memories or experiences that he needs to release in order to heal.

Final thought: DIET FOR A HAPPY LIFE

Avoid: Negative people
            Fake people
            Envious people
            People who don”t want to see you happy

            In a month, you will LOSE 5kgs of Anxiety and EARN 5kgs of HAPPINESS!!!!

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