Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Second Universal Law of Happiness

In my previous post, I discussed the first universal law of happiness: speaking of yourself in a positive light. The second law follows quickly behind in a logical way.

The Second Universal Law of Happiness: Speak well of others and don't gossip.

Everything inside of you is outside of you. When you focus on the negative aspects of someone else (and remember, no one is perfect!), it simply comes from a lack of self-love. When you love yourself and accept yourself fully, it becomes easier for you to see the best in everyone else.

What you focus on: multiplies. When you speak about others with kindness and give your attention to the things you like about them, you will find yourself surrounded by more and more positive, nice and kind people. Erase gossip from your life! Gossip is like taking a bath in dirty water; it makes you dirty and dims your inner light.

So make a point to do your best to focus on that which is good and to ignore that which is bad. It’s not about fabricating positive things to say or putting blinders on to the negative. It’s more about pointing the bright shiny spotlight towards the positive.

See every kind word as a seed of happiness that you are planting, to harvest the beautiful fruits of positivity and blessings.

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