Friday, October 11, 2013

Happiness despite Chronic Pain? It is possible, honestly!

I found a quote today and it was a must share. I had spent over twenty-four hours freaking out in my head because I didn't have an idea for my next post. I really wanted it to pertain to the topic of "Happy" but all I could think about was the other side of chronic pain: Not happy!
I am still the Mayor of Grouchy Town at times, especially when my pain is up. And I had a deadline, a big enemy of the chronic pain patient. Still, I had to get on with it and I had no ideas. I am still organizing the next seminar about chronic pain, so I couldn't even fall back on that. Then, I saw this in my newsfeed on Facebook:

"Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect.
It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections." Anonymous  

Yes! Great timing. Don't you love it when that happens? It helped to diffuse my negative feelings at the time. I have difficulties. We "spoonies" (as chronically ill patients have been dubbed) all have them! But we can still be happy and have joy in our lives. All we have to do is look past the stuff that isn't so happy.
Enjoy the ride. Happiness isn't a destination to get to, it's the manner you travel by. 

Ok, so I have to undergo IV treatments and go to countless other medical appointments. I can still enjoy the ride. For example, thanks to the wonderful blessing of the IV clinic I go to (being run by my best friend) I get to socialize and get treatment all the same time. It has been a great way to turn a not so pleasant experience into a pleasant one. I also get to meet others that have the same issues and share with them, and it's wonderfully therapeutic! 
It took me awhile to see that, however. At first I was all about the treatment and how I didn't like it and didn't want to go. But now, I choose to look past that.
Life is not perfect. But you can find happiness, no matter who or what you are, when you look beyond the imperfections. This is one of life's great secrets. And now, thanks to chronic pain, I get that. Hopefully some of my hard found wisdom can be passed on. Save yourself the experience of chronic pain and look beyond whatever is imperfect in your life. You might just find what you are looking for.

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