Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Driving To Work, Looking For Happiness

I feel blessed to have a short commute to the office; a few country back roads, past some farmers fields, through some neighbourhoods into an industrial business park in about 12 minutes.

I recently set out for the office one morning on a mission to drive to work and look for happiness …

Within seconds of getting into the car I smile enjoying the wonderful aromatherapy from the car infused plugin with 100% essential oils. Refreshing and calming they put you in a great mood instantly. Crank up the tunes for some toe tapping, singing in the car is better than singing in the shower!

"Good Morning!" I say to two older gentlemen out for their morning stroll, who smile and nod and carry on.

I come upon a road crew, the sign holder -a youngish man- was holding his stop sign smiling and dancing to the beat of his own drum, nodding to a passersby who paid him some attention with a big happy smile.

A few minutes up the road and I approach an older woman out for a bike ride. As I allow her to cross at the intersection our eyes met and there is an instant smile. Acknowledging someone, even a stranger, can be an easy happiness-filled gesture.

Pulling into the parking lot I am met by the landscaper. I smile "good morning", we exchange pleasantries and the workday begins happily …

Share your stories, tell me how you look for and find happiness on your drive to the office.

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