Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dog Crates: Anxiety free zones!

We recently decided to test the waters again with our 3-year-old English Pointer “Drifter,"  giving him more freedom of space in our home.

The first few times we were met with feathers from under the door. Inside the bedroom we found that our pooch (a hunting dog) had chewed a small hole along the seam of the duvet fill.  Voila! The entire carpet was a few inches deep with fluffy soft billowy feathers.

I’m new to crate training dogs. As a puppy Drifter was crate trained so the crate is very much his home and dog den.  We are now attempting to give him more run of the house and a safe environment. After a few unsuccessful attempts of arriving home to half eaten shoes, pillows and numerous duvet fills, we decided to do our research and read up on anxiety in animals.

Lavender, Frankincense and Geranium all fit the bill. We find a few drops of 100% Veeva anxiety essential oils on his favourite blanket, or crate carpet, to be a wonderful way to remove his anxiety. A diffuser also helps to add aromatherapy with this dog friendly blend of essential oils.

Eureka we've had success! It’s been four straight weeks with Drifter having the run of the bedroom and no more coming home to a room full of feathers! The anxiety blend has everything you and your dog needs to relax. Happy dog, happier pack leaders!

Happiness Imaginista ~ Susan Stephen

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