Sunday, September 15, 2013

The First Universal Law of Happiness

The First Universal Law of Happiness: Speak and think well of yourself.

Words can make you or break you. Words carry a lot of vibrational and creative power. Your tongue is a pen that you write your destiny with every time you speak. It is your primary responsibility to start saying and thinking only kind words about yourself.

Lose phrases like “ I am such an idiot!”, “ I am so fat”, “ I am stupid”, etc. Cut them out of your vocabulary. Start being kind to yourself. If you are not treating yourself with love, then who will? You need to become your own best friend and a biggest fan. If your teacher or your parents used to call you names, know that it’s just their inaccurate perception of you, and doesn’t define who you truly are.

The real you is amazing, smart, bright and talented. The real you is everything you want yourself to be. If you are not fully happy with who you are, then talk yourself into a person you want to become.

The more often you use positive words about yourself, the more they will get into your soul and eventually that vision will manifest into your reality.

Your words are powerful tools, so use them wisely to build the life of your dreams!

Stay tuned for The second Universal Law of Happiness coming soon!

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