Thursday, September 26, 2013

Get Your Happy On

"It's the little things in life."

It's said so often, but I think those of us living with chronic pain can understand it more. Sometimes, our life is only the small things. The big things have either been taken away, or are just too big to be dealt with in the present moment. But the little things are always there. And thank goodness for that.

Over the summer, my main source of happy was two things. One, having small barbecues in the parking lot of my apartment building with my hubby. They have been quite a production, dragging out our lawn chairs, portable barbecue and all the fixings! And two, Tea. I gave up coffee months ago and started using all kinds of exotic loose teas, including making homemade iced teas and martini mixes with fruit tea. Yes, that's kind of sad. But it has made me happy! 

Facebook can be both a wonderful thing and a curse for someone with chronic pain/illness. Research shows even healthy people can feel depressed when viewing the content others are posting about their own happy lives. Meanwhile, their own life might not be so happy. A person like me, who's life has been stripped down from a life of pain/illness, it is really hard sometimes to look at. I want the same things as everyone else wants. I'd like to go on real vacations, or maybe host a barbecue in the backyard of my own home. But I have to be happy with the little things.

Sometimes, you do get tired of small stuff, and you want the big things. But this want, coupled with chronic pain/illness, can make you loose sight of the small things that really, truly make up life. No matter how bad I may have felt, I could still enjoy a nice moment sitting in the sun, preparing some yummy summer treats on the barbecue and sipping homemade iced tea. What could be more miraculous about a summer's day than that?

I'll finish with a "small" piece of advice: Look for the small things. Be grateful for them. And get your happy on, no matter how small it is!

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